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ANN TamaRadi Blog 2007.04.10~18 by Fukuyama Masaharu - Tokyo Tower Chapters 5~7
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Author Topic: ANN TamaRadi Blog 2007.04.10~18 by Fukuyama Masaharu - Tokyo Tower Chapters 5~7  (Read 1549 times)
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Tokyo Tower ~Me & My Radio, & sometimes My Mom~ Chapter 5  (Part 1)


The music industry was booming.
A singles debut by one artist was very quietly put on the market.

“Tsuioku no Ame no Naka” (「追憶の雨の中」)

Since moving to Tokyo in the summer of 1987, it had been 3 years.
As for that particular artist, he’d shown a bit of growth in various aspects during his time in Tokyo, but still his boyish dream remains unchanged, the 21-year-old Fukuyama Masaharu.

And this is the remarkable story of the 18-year old who set out from his hometown Nagasaki and bcame crowned “Radio’s National Treasure” in Tokyo 20 years later.


In betrayal of the Amuse Chairman’s declaration that, “You should take the same image as Tamiya Jirou,” my debut single was quiety moving ahead bit-by-bit within the Amuse Office.

My debut was different, though, from what I had originally wanted. From “A group of people coming together voluntarily to form a band”, it now became: “A band which was assembled solely for my purpose.” There was a vast difference. With due respect, it went against my principles. I wanted to be part of a band, but now I had to do it alone.

At the beginning, it was said that a major artist would produce my debut album. But when I heard the songs that were prepared for me, “This is not what I want at all!” I couldn’t even write any songs, but I had a very good idea what I “didn’t want”.....

“Then what would you like?” came the question. I don’t think I knew what it was at that time. All I was sure of was: “This is not what I want!”

This arrogant, conceited and filthy-minded idiot created a lot of trouble for the people in the Office. And the person who took me under his wing was Shirahama-san (白浜さん) from ARB. “Since you say that, Fukuyama, why don’t you write a song for yourself and see.” This might have sounded kind and easy-going, but it had a stern message behind it. In fact, Shirahama-san used to be a counsellor at a youth correction facility in the past. He was very good at handling arrogant, conceited and filthy-minded young men like me. When I showed him my work of confidence, he said: “Not bad, let’s arrange it and see how it goes.” That to me, was truly the “hand of salvation”.

What was my own responsibility, I could not push onto others.
“Because this is not what I want”......“Because I want to do these things”......
As long as I was not yet able to come up with my own songs, these excuses would not work.

Having only had arrogant words to say to the songs that people had written for me up till then, it was imperative, this time, that I could compose a ‘good’ song that was acknowledged by others. It was Shirahama-san who taught me, how to "express myself with happiness and seriousness".

To be able to pay back Shirahama-san’s expectations of me, I tried very hard. Even when he had prompted me: “Are you sure you can reach this key?” well, not wanting to admit defeat, I stubbornly and irrationally insisted: “Yes I can, no problem!”

But I was indeed the arrogant, conceited and filthy-minded idiot. Because of excessive strain singing songs that were out of my range, I developed a vocal fold polyp*.  And…I hadn’t even debuted yet!

Even before anything had started, I felt it was already the end for me.

To be continued

*  Small growth on the vocal cords. For a better idea, go to    

Translated from Midori's blog (
Original posted on ANN TamaRadi blog 2007.04.10
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Because Chapters 5 to 7 are relatively short, I shall group them all under this post.
Hope you enjoy~~  Cheesy
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Thank you izumisano-san.

I couldn't stop laughing when I read River's comment. Young Masha was truly house-mate from hell! LOL

Aumm..the Amuse's Chairman wanted to debut him as an actor but his music project still could be done at that time. Maybe some people in his team had high power enough to push on that project.

Credit for debut song

追憶の風の中 (remix)
 lyrics MASAHARU FUKUYAMA  music MASAHARU FUKUYAMA/HIDEO SANO (Supporting songwriter)  arrangement HISASHI SHIRAHAMA
  drums MASASHI MINATO(原文ママ)

recording engineer NORIKAZU KUMADA
release date 1990/03/21 sg. 「追憶の風の中」

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heh, you know us Asians, we're pretty patient people. But when it comes to FOOD! Nobody touches it.

A youth councellor? That kinda explained a little bit why there are lack of juvenile tabloid story from Amuse. aww... young Masha learned how to write song, and how write it well. Thank you Shirama-san. I wonder who would have been his group member if he's in band. Now, he's all solo. Much better, better responsibility too.

I heard about his vocal problem before. But I thought it occured sometimes around mid to late 90s. I didn't know it goes much earlier than that.
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Tokyo Tower ~Me & My Radio, & sometimes My Mom~ Chapter 5  (Part 2)

The arrogant, conceited and filthy-minded idiot, who insisted on singing outside his range, was diagnosed to have a polyp growing on his vocal cords and had to go into the hospital. I had not even debuted then. For the week after the operation, I could only communicate with pen and paper. It was no less than 3 months, before I was able to sing again. Even so, the anxiety that swarmed over me every time I had to sing out loud, did not go away that easily. It took me a year, to be able to sing normally once more.

“I’ve got the worst luck…” As I gazed at the white ceiling from bed, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for myself. Now that I finally had the chance to “Write your own song!”, now that I finally found what I really wanted to do, I had to be stuck on this hospital bed. I felt like everything I did had backfired on me.

I was still sulking terribly after I came out of the hospital, to the extent that I once got chewed out by Shirahama-san, “Stop acting like a spoiled brat, you idiot!”

Despite everything, I got my debut album Dengon 「伝言」 done at last. But after we finished the recording, the staff came up with a new proposal. They wanted to “release a single first, before the album comes out. But none of the songs are right for it.”

So I had to write one up in haste. That became my debut single “Tsuioku no Ame no Naka”, that was my “opening song”.

作詞/作曲: 福山雅治   編曲: 白浜久

泣いてる空に  今も浮かびだす
Rainy Day 始まりの風景が

ためらいもなく  二人過ごしてた
君が  僕を追い越すまでは  


求めあった日々は  陽炎みたいに  

Tsuioku no Ame no Naka (Rains of Recollection)
Music/Lyrics: Fukuyama Masaharu    Arrangement: Shirahama Hisashi

 Even now, it shows up in the crying sky
 The scenery of the beginning of a rainy day

 Without hesitation, we went through them together
 That is, until you passed me by

 I was always pressured by your kindness
 And would hurt you with a single word

 The days we searched for each other are like a heat-wave

 But the rain that's overtaken us
 Has drowned out your voice
 Washing away even our love
 The sound of the rains of recollection
 Even the times when we looked upon each other
 Is washing away

English lyrics credit:
Posted by AngelReii at MashaPlus Info Forums  

And so it arrived, the day of my debut.
I had not yet been notified of any jobs for that day.  
“On 03.21, will they arrange a surprise debut party for me? A guest appearance on a radio show perhaps?
Or could it be, I’ll be going on TV!” ……I was very excited and looking forward to it.

When I went to confirm my schedule for 03.21 with the Office, the answer was: “There's nothing.”
Really, there was not a single thing planned for me on that day.

~ End of Chapter 5 ~

Translated from Midori's Blog (
Original posted on ANN TamaRadi Blog 2007.04.11
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oh dear, what a nightmare to become temporarily mute.  Shocked  Sad Even a normal person like me will feel horrible, let alone a singer like him. Thank God everything works alright.

And I don't know why I laughed, I think it's the way he write, but I laughed about his lack of activity on his debut day. Oh dear. Btw, the day of his debut? This guy in one year old. Considering what might have happen if he really goes through with the middle sister...  Wink
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Tokyo Tower ~Me & My Radio, & sometimes My Mom~ Chapter 6  (Part 1)

1992.01.10    Thursday Morning 3 am

In the legendary radio programme  “All Night Nippon”, a new radio host was born.

Since going to Tokyo in the summer of 1987, it had been 5 years.
Having fulfilled one dream, the artist is about to achieve another, the 23-year old Fukuyama Masaharu.

And this is the remarkable story of the 18-year old who set out from his hometown Nagasaki to became crowned as “Radio’s National Treasure” in Tokyo 20 years later.


This “arrogant, conceited and filthy-minded idiot”, after 2 years of protective observation (?), was finally able to fulfill his dream, and release the single CD “Tsuioku no Ame no Naka”. A month later, my first album “Dengon” 「伝言」 was also released. And they sold like hotcakes!!......Not! As expected, they came out without so much of a sizzle.

What I did get, was a lot of free time. I was just spending money every day. Needless to say, I found it difficult to make ends meet. After my debut, I had to take on part-time day jobs without telling the Office. That’s right, at that time I was “stupid and filthy-minded and loved pachinko and worked in the Nippon Express warehouse”.

1990.05.04   My first Live in Egg-man Shinguku
For me then, that was one thing I was very clear about, “This is not what I want”.  But what was I looking for? I had no idea. Despite having told them: ”Please let me do what I want”, my songs could not sell at all. Even so, I wanted very much to move forward. But I had neither the ability nor the luck. When I finally realized this, I decided to shed some of my ‘pride’.

“We’re looking for someone to sing the CM song for Kikuchi Momoko-san (菊池桃子さん).” The CM song was not my own creation, but I took the job anyway.

1990.11.07  My second single “Access” (「アクセス」)
Besides myself, there were other people recording this song too. It was my first CM song. Despite everything, it wasn’t without benefits. The headlines “Kikuchi Momoko openly supports Fukuyama Masaharu!” splashed across the newspapers. When Kikuchi Momoko-san from the CM handed me the bouquet on (my live) stage, it was the first time I was on the news with a “beautiful actress from Tokyo”.

To be continued.

Translated from Midori's blog (
Original posted on ANN TamaRadi blog 2007.04.17
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Tokyo Tower ~Me & My Radio, & sometimes My Mom~ Chapter 6  (Part 2)

1991.02.21   My third single “Kaze wo Sagashiteru” (「風をさがしてる」 Seeking the Wind)
1991.03.21   My second album “LION

Like before, my CDs were still not selling. But gradually, more and more people were coming to the Live House. There were so many that the railing at the venue got bent. And during summer, some of the audience had fainted from lack of oxygen. When I saw the enthusiasm overflowing from the Live House concerts, I started to think: “Even if my CDs couldn’t sell, maybe I could still be hold a concert in the Budokan (武道館).”

So when I was invited to take part in a TV drama series, I rejected it: “Please wait a while longer, until, at least my Live House shows are full.” I was without a doubt “stupid and filthy-minded and loved pachinko and worked in the Nippon Express warehouse”. As such, my first TV acting was in the series “Ashita ga Aru Kara” 「あしたがあるから」(There is always tomorrow) from TBS. That I would be known as an “actor” before a “singer” made me feel uneasy, but the “rock actor” Fukuyama Masaharu was able to gain public recognition.

1991.10.21   My fourth single “WOH WOW/Tada Boku ga Kawatta” 「WOH WOW/ただ僕がかわった」 (Only I’ve Changed)
1991.11.06   My third album  “BROS”

Then on 1992.01.10, I was able to realize another one of my dreams, to become a radio host for “All Night Nippon”. Through the auditions, I had taken one step closer to becoming an “All Night Nippon” Radio Personality. “So this is what it feels like when you finally get something you’ve been dreaming of……”  I had never felt so touched before.

Shocking people with my provocative discussions and adult jokes, and using that as an attraction, I had started to work my way steadily up the path, which ultimately led to the title of  “Radio’s National Treasure”. In April, I was to star in another TV drama.

1992.04   Starred in TBS drama series “Ai wa Dou da”( 「愛はどうだ」What about love?)
                And released the drama’s second theme song “Good Night”

「Good night」
作詞・作曲:福山雅治 編曲:松本晃彦



ただあてもなく  ただ静けさが広がる
まだ君のこと  今日もひとりじめできずに

あの角ハンドル切れば  今夜は…おやすみ
「Good night」
 Music & Lyrics: Fukuyama Masaharu  Arrangement: Matsumoto Akihiko
 The more you mean to me
 The more I want to do for you
 So you can understand me more
 This time I’m going to take you to my favourite place

 I hope we can get closer, even if it just happens bit by bit
 I want you to tell me about yourself
 Because there’s so much I don’t know

 The silence just spreads out aimlessly
 Today, once again, I can’t have you to myself

 At the corner I flip the door handle, and for tonight…it’s goodnight

English lyrics posted by Pillowmasha at MashaPlus Info Forums (

At that time, I would feel terribly embarrassed to write about love songs, so I couldn’t do it. The first love song I ever wrote, was “Good Night”. And the first time someone praised me: “That’s a good song!” was also for this one.

~ End of Chapter 6 ~

Translated from Midori's blog (
Original posted on ANN TamaRadi blog 2007.04.17]
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Sorry for taking such a long time on the next part. Marcy's Song is quite hard to translate but I'm almost there. Thanks for waiting.
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Tokyo Tower ~Me & My Radio, & sometimes My Mom~ Chapter 7  

TV Drama “Hitotsu Yane no Shita” (「ひとつ屋根の下」Under the Same Roof) - 37.8% maximum viewership
CM songs signed up – 5 compositions within the year *
CMs involved as an actor – 5 CMs within the year
12.31 – Appearance in NHK's annual “Kohaku Utagassen” (「紅白歌合戦」Red & White Song Contest)

1993,  not a day passes without seeing his smile on TV.
Since arriving in Tokyo in the summer of 1987, it had been 6 years.
Now having achieved nation-wide popularity, the 24-year-old Fukuyama Masaharu.

And this is the remarkable story of the 18-year old who set out from his hometown Nagasaki to become crowned as “Radio’s National Treasure” in Tokyo 20 years later.


Two years after my debut, as a singer and D.J of the All Night Nippon radio show, on my way to becoming “Radio’s National Treasure”, I felt undeniably that some things had begun to change. At the same time, “Good Night”, the second theme song from the drama series “Ai wa Dou da” 「愛はどうだ」 became my first hit. And it was also the first time I experienced how to “open up my heart to convey my thoughts”.

When I was out on the streets, people would start calling me “Chiiniichan” (「チィ兄ちゃん」). As I had thought, I couldn’t go on the streets any more. What was incredible was, I couldn’t really remember the things that happened at that time. Within the same day, I would be recording songs, shooting a drama and hosting a radio show. In the weekends, I’d perform at the various local school or campus festivals. Especially in the autumn of 1992, I had a ‘suicidal schedule’, which I still find unbelievable even now. Perhaps the agency managers were overjoyed to have been able to fill up the empty schedules of this “arrogant, conceited and filthy-minded idiot”. But the most important thing for me, outside of work, was to be able to sleep anytime anywhere....

The Band, the Studio, the Live House……this was my notion of the utopia in Tokyo. The “TV Drama Series” was a totally different ball game from the work I had originally wanted to do. So the popularity that I got from TV drama was, I felt at best short-lived and momentary.

Causing a commotion in the streets; endless screaming; being chosen as “The man I want to be embraced by most ”…… Rather than using these ways to assess my popularity, perhaps what I truly wanted was real actual numbers for a measure, like CD sales. I looked at the ‘image’ of myself on the TV through sane and detached eyes, that “false image” of myself as a nation-wide popular artist, and I was more sane and detached than anyone else around me, had realized.

Marcy's Song

すべてウワサで固めた Marcy  
夢は狂気に変わった Marcy
クールな仮面をかぶった Marcy
虚像を強制された Marcy

メディアの力は おまえの人生を

何処に隠れてるんだ  Marcy  
いつもの箱の中だろ  Marcy  
何処に逃げ込んだんだ  Marcy  
虚像の電子マジック Marcy's Song

そんなに怯えてないで  Marcy  
そんなに震えてないで  Marcy  
そんなに疲れてないで  Marcy  
みんな楽しんでるぜ  Marcy  
誰も止められないぜ  Marcy
死ぬまで目が覚めないぜ  Marcy  
きっと躁鬱状態  Marcy  
やがて人間不信  Marcy  
いつか記憶喪失 Marcy    
これはお前のことさ Marcy's Song
Marcy’s Song
 Music / Lyrics by Fukuyama Masaharu

 Everything was built on lies, Marcy
 Your dreams distorted into madness, Marcy
 You chose to put your cool mask on, Marcy
 and were forced to keep up the pretense, Marcy

 The power of the media...
 Like bacteria eating up your life
 So go and search for love and freedom and truth
 But you can't stop this pleasure now

 Where are you going to hide, Marcy?
 In your old box again, Marcy?
 Where are you going to run to, Marcy?
 Behind that illusion's electronic magic?  Marcy's Song

 Don't get so scared, Marcy
 Don't shake so badly, Marcy
 Don't get so worn out, Marcy
 Everyone's having fun, Marcy
 No-one can stop it, Marcy
 You'll die before you awaken, Marcy
 'Cos it must be manic depression, Marcy
 with misanthropy pretty soon, Marcy
 and amnesia someday too, Marcy  
 Yup, this is all that's become of you.  Marcy's song

~ End of Chapter 7 ~

*  LOTTE – “Melody”,       MBS 「テレビのツボ」Opening Theme – “Baby Baby”,
    Panasonic – “All My Loving” and “Koibito” (「戀人」Lover)
    Daido New Blend Coffee (ダイドーブレンドコーヒー) – It’s Only Love

Translated from Midori's blog (
Lyrics translated from sunnydolphin's blog (
and updated with reference to vspirit's original translation (2012.02.20) Thank you so much!
Original posted on ANN TamaRadi blog 2007.04.18
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Help! Can anyone please help on the lyrics of Marcy's song? There's a certain amount of interpretation needed here and I'm not sure mine is totally right. I don't know Japanese and have been using online translators to get a basic idea.

Like, そんなに疲れてないで it "tired for" or "tired of"...these have opposite meanings...
and other parts as well...??

This post is building up to what's going to happen a few years later (which we all know) and given its context, I think it's important to get the meaning of the song right. Anyone, please?

Updated almost 3 years later, based on vspirit's original translation. Thanks V!!  heart heart
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I didn't know he has to audition for ANN. I thought he was given a slot in the radio just because he's celebrity (which is what I assumed happened to most ANN deejay, Oguri Shun for eg). Now I wonder if the rest of them has to audition too.

Btw, Good Night is a sweet song. Made me awww.... all over.

<i>Perhaps the agency managers were overjoyed to have been able to fill up the empty schedules of this “arrogant, conceited and filthy-minded idiot”.</i>

LMAO! The man who can make fun of himself. But he is working towards his burn-out in 95' just from the schedule in that year alone. About Marcy's song, from the flow of the lyrics, I think it's tired (of). Gomen, I cannot read Japanese. Please don't take my opinion alone.
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a translation of the blog AND the songs?
have I told you I love you izumisano san? Kiss
« Reply #13 on: March 01, 2009, 05:55:52 AM »

The song was actually included in oyaji's original post in the ANN blog.
Although Midori didn't translate it into Chinese, I thought it was important because it was a song of himself and his frame of mind  and rationale for stopping everything in '96~'98. (Marcy=Masha)
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Sorry, I've been really busy these few days, so won't be able to update until earliest Wed. Please bear with me. Gomen.  Sad
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